We also enjoy country living, Hunting, Fishing, Truck and Tractor Pulling, and enjoying just about anything on our Creators beautiful earth. we enjoy reading from the bible, and giving praise to our Heavenly Father first and foremost.

Hours of operation

Summer Hours:

Monday - Friday  9-6

Saturday & Sunday Closed for Day of rest and Family time

Winter Hours:

Monday - Friday  9:30-5

Saturday & Sunday Closed for Day of rest and Family time

Company Profile

The Tint Shop is owned and operated by Tracy & Ashley Friedrich.


Tracy has been tinting windows since 2001. Getting started tinting windows in Columbia MO, until 2005. It was in 2005 that "The Tint Shop" was established. Originally located in Pilot Grove MO. It was there he decided to start selling Diesel Performance parts also. in 2007 a shop on Main street in Boonville MO, near I70 became vacant, This became the new Tint Shop. Located at 17961 Boonslick road, in Boonville. At The Tint Shop, we believe that a Cheaper price is not always better, because with most things, "You get what you pay for" this is why we Refuse to use a Low-Quality window film. This is why we use only LLumar Window Film. LLumar window film not only looks good on your vehicle, or building, it also does a great job in heat rejection. LLumar has a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, cracking, delaminating, and is Color Stable (this means it will NOT turn Purple) Call us today  660-882-TINT

The Tint Shop & Automotive Service LLC.

TTS Diesel Performance



Founded: 2005


Tracy & Ashley Friedrich


Areas of expertise:  Window Tinting, Diesel Performance, Metal Fabrication, Truck Pulling

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